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We are not agents and do not get involved with any of the listings on the site. Everything is done between the two parties involved with the arrangement.

We believe that people who use this site are generally good souls with common sense, but what we have done is provide some guidance notes which we have compiled based on our own research. These are there solely to help you and are not the definitive rules and regulations! Here are those links:

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1. Frequently Asked Questions - Searching
2. Frequently Asked Questions - Letting

Frequently Asked Questions - Searching

1. How do I go about arranging to rent any of the listings on Spareground®?

You can contact the owner via the Spareground® website to discuss your wishes. Please be as accurate as possible about your requirements and your party or group as this is essential in order for your requirements to be met and for you to meet any criteria set by the owner. Do not be offended if your request is refused as the owner of the property, land, parking etc. will always have the final say.

2. How do I pay for the rental?

This is negotiable between yourself and the owner but we do recommend a deposit is paid before your visit.

3. In terms of security, what measures should I take?

Do not leave any valuable items unattended in property or cars. Ensure all valuables are out of sight at all times. Check with the owner if a safety deposit box is available where you may leave valuable items.
All personal items, cars, storage items are left entirely at your own risk. The property owner or Spareground® are not liable in the event of any theft, damage or loss.

Also ensure that you have appropriate insurance to cover your needs:-

4. Will I be expected to sign any formal legal agreements?

This will be at the discretion of the owner of the space you are renting. They are within their rights to ask you to sign and agree a formal legal binding document if that is their wish.

5. What is expected of me when I rent out accommodation?

You will be expected to treat the property with respect and not wilfully cause any damage or disturbance to surrounding neighbours. You will also be expected to leave the property in the clean and tidy state in which you found it.

6. What is expected of me when I rent out land?

This ultimately depends on what the purpose of the land rental is. Please discuss with the land owner well in advance what your intentions are in order that any restrictions or requirements can be met by both parties.

7. The Spareground® I rented was a complete mismatch to the advert listed on Spareground®. What happens next?

If there is any mismatch at all concerning the property, land, storage or any garage or driveway and what was advertised on the site, please advise Spareground® immediately.
If there has been any deliberate misrepresentation concerning the properties themselves, the facilities, pricing or location, the advertisement will be removed from Spareground® immediately.
All adverts on Spareground® are taken in good faith that they are an accurate and true representation of the facilities offered.

Frequently Asked Questions - Letting

1. Is my house/driveway/land/space guaranteed to be to rented out?

No. Spareground® cannot guarantee that you will be successful in letting your property. We are merely acting as advertising space and cannot make any such guarantees.

2. I am the owner of space which I want to advertise on Spareground. Do I need to have a “formal agreement” in place with those who are renting my space?

You are not legally or personally obliged to undertake a formal written agreement with the individual renting from you. However, to protect your interests should any complications arise, we would advise you to contact a solicitor for advice or alternatively, visit a legal documents shop such as for access to pre-written legal tenancy based agreements.

3. Do I need to notify anyone that I am renting out my property?

You are advised to check with your mortgage provider and your insurance provider that renting of your property is within the scope of your mortgage/insurance. You are strongly advised to check these before renting our your property. There are a number of independent insurance providers who can discuss compatible insurance policies with you.

It is also advisable to notify a neighbour or nearby friend, family member, that your property will be rented during a particular period of time.

4. If I am approached via Spareground® by a prospective tenant, am I obliged to go ahead and rent my property to them?

No. It is your property and you have the final say in whether you are happy with a particular individual or group renting your property. You are under no obligation whatsoever to rent to anyone who you feel is unsuitable or would give reason to cause you any concern.

5. If I am letting out accommodation, how do I go about passing on keys?

We would recommend meeting with the people who have let your property face to face to pass on any keys. We do not advise leaving keys under mats, stones, pots etc.
Alternatively, you can buy a key safety deposit box which is only accessible by those knowing the security code. You can use such devices and change the security codes once your tenants have vacated the property.

6. What will I need to arrange or do at my property before renting it out?

Firstly, ensure that all valuables and personal possessions or artefacts are securely locked away. Ensure that the property can be locked securely and that those staying at your property are informed to lock all windows and doors and set any alarms as necessary when they are away from the property.
You may wish to consider providing a safety deposit box for valuable items for your tenants such as money, passports, keys etc.
You are also recommended to keep an inventory of items you leave at the property. Do not leave anything there that would cause you distress should it become broken or damaged!
Regarding the property, it is at your discretion as to whether you provide items such as towels or linen, hairdryers, However, you must notify those staying at your property if you wish them to provide these items themselves.
If there are any further instructions or restrictions that you wish to be observed, ensure those renting your property are fully aware of them before taking on the property. You are advised to leave a “reminder list” of any restrictions in a highly visible place during the stay.
It is imperative that you ensure the house is in a clean and tidy condition before your tenants arrive.

7. How do I arrange to receive funds from my tenants?

This is entirely up to you. For your own piece of mind and particularly in the case of renting accommodation or land, we recommend you take a deposit payment well before your tenants arrive. This can be paid by cheque or via an online funding method such as Paypal. Other funds are recommended to be paid before arrival.
However, it is at your discretion to negotiate the payment but you are advised to ensure all funds are cleared before your tenants arrive.
If you are concerned about breakages or damages etc, you may want to consider a non-refundable bond or deposit as a safeguard. If this is the case, please use fairly and honestly.

If you are renting a car parking space, you can negotiate payment when your tenant arrives.


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