Spareground Privacy Policy


The Spareground TM Privacy Policy concerns the treatment of personal data provided by you (the user) and utilised by us (Spareground) in the provision of the Spareground operating services.
The data provided by you, will be treated and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 to which Spareground is registered.

Information Gathered By us

When you (the user) register as a user of Spareground, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, address, contact telephone/fax number, email address. If you wish to list your “Spareground”, you will be asked to provide details of any property, driveway, garage, parking space, storage space or land that you wish to advertise.

The information will be fully available to you and can be edited at any time using our secure web-based control panel.

What We Do With the Information

The information you provide will be protected from unauthorised use and will be kept in a secure manner regardless of whether it is electronic or ‘hard copy’ form.

Spareground may ask you to provide other information from time to time in order for us to improve the site and the services we provide to you or to obtain statistical data. It will not be obligatory for you to provide this information, however, this may mean we cannot provide you with the newer developed services of the Spareground site.

Your details will only be accessible to those employed by Spareground where it is deemed necessary for them to use this information within the scope of their job requirements for the provision of the Spareground service.
In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1988 Exemption 29, Spareground will provide personal information in the event that illegal or criminal activities have, or are suspected to have taken place. This information will be provided to the police in order for them to investigate, prevent or take action against such activities.

If Spareground develops by acquiring, buying, selling to, or merging with other businesses, the customer data will be deemed a transferable asset but will remain bound to the pre-existing Privacy Policy by which the information was originally protected. You (the user) can exempt yourself from this and be covered by a new Privacy Policy if so required.

Third Parties

None of your details will be sold, shared or rented to third parties. We may however ask if you will consent to third parties contacting you if necessary. This may be done on occasion from parties who wish to advertise on the Spareground website. They will be required to comply with this Privacy Policy and the terms outlined in the UK Data Protection Act.
You are under no obligation to provide this information at all.

If there are any promotional services or offers provided by third parties, these will be sent to you by Spareground. Your contact details will not be passed on for such purposes.

Use of Cookies

The Spareground website will make use of cookies which are text only pieces of information stored by the browser and the hard drive of your computer. Cookies allow us to provide features and improve our service by remembering your certain preferences and tracking usage throughout the site.

The cookies themselves do not contain any personally identifiable information which you have submitted to the site.

These cookies can be deleted from your hard drive or alternatively you web browser can be configured to reject cookies.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

It may occasionally become necessary to review and revise this policy. You will be notified if this is the case and your continued use of the Spareground site will be taken as an acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.

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