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By your use of the Spareground website, you agree to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions of use. These terms can be amended or changed at any time and your continued use will indicate an acceptance of these changes.

1. Spareground Ltd and the contents of the Spareground website are protected by trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property rights.
These rights are the property of Spareground. No reproduction, publication or distribution of any logos, images or content of this site is permitted for any reason without the prior written authorisation of Spareground.

2. Spareground Ltd operates a web page service for the exchange of “Spareground” between independent customers. “Spareground” meaning rental accommodation, spaces for caravans or tents or any other short-term accommodation facilities, parking spaces, garages, driveways and storage facilities. It also includes the rental of land for other leisure based activities and events including but not limited to weddings, parties, festivals, equestrian and other sporting events. Spareground are not property brokers or agents but are a provider of advertising space only.

3. Spareground Ltd will not be liable for any dispute arising as a result of an exchange between parties formulated via the Spareground website. We will not be held liable for any losses, damage or misuse of Property, driveways, garages, storage facilities or land. Spareground offers no guarantees or warrantees concerning properties, driveways, garages, storage facilities or land listed on the website.

4. The registration to Spareground Ltd of any individual, group, business or organisation is by no means an indication of any form of endorsement or recommendation.

5. Spareground Ltd is not responsible for any disputes or disagreements between its users and any third parties or recommended Internet sites linked via the Spareground website. We can take no responsibility for the content, accuracy or administration of any third party site or any other website.

6. If you are suspected to have used Spareground Ltd either directly or indirectly, to undertake any illegal or criminal activity, we will not hesitate in passing on your full details and IP address to the Police. Please see our Privacy Policy.

7. Spareground Ltd cannot fully guarantee that the provision of the service will remain interruption free or will be free from any infection, viruses, Trojan horses or worms which may result in contamination or destructive outcomes to your personal computer. You are highly recommended to maintain sufficient protection against this (such as anti-viral software), and to maintain backup sources for other data held on your computer.
Spareground Ltd is not liable for any database crash or failure out of our control, which may result in loss of advertising time for the registered user.

8. All advertisements are accepted at Spareground Ltd’s discretion and we reserve the right to amend or refuse any submissions at our discretion.

Website Users and Their Responsibilities

1. You may only use this site for the leasing and rental of Spareground as defined on this website. Any other use is strictly prohibited and may result in your removal from the Spareground database. In making this provision, Spareground Ltd has no direct involvement between interested parties and will not be involved in the exchange of monies, the selection or screening of parties or any correspondence arising between parties.

2. It is the responsibility of the user to provide correct information concerning their property, driveway, garage, storage space or land and its location and/or facilities. Spareground Ltd cannot be held liable for any dispute or issue arising as a result of being supplied with incorrect or misleading information.

3. All monies received by the customer as a result of a letting via Spareground Ltd are potentially liable for tax. Users are fully responsible for their tax dealings. Spareground has no involvement whatsoever in tax dealings.

4. By listing of property, garages, driveways, storage space or land, the user will not hold Spareground Ltd , its employees or agents responsible for any damage, theft, financial liabilities including but not limited to legal fees, insurance claims resulting from the advertising on Spareground either directly or indirectly

5. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that property, garage, storage and land rentals are in compliance with any mortgage or insurance policy they may have.

6. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they are the full owner of their advertised property. Rented or council owned properties cannot be listed on the Spareground website.

7. Users wishing to lease via the website are obliged to ensure the property, garage, driveway, storage space or land is treated with respect and in accordance with the owners wishes. You are obliged to maintain it in the good, clean state of condition as found on commencement of the letting agreement and will agree to remedy and declare any breakages or damages caused by yourselves during your stay. You are also obliged to not partake in any activity that may cause a nuisance or inconvenience to neighbouring properties or land and their occupants.

Copyright © 2015 Spareground Ltd. All rights reserved. Spareground® is a registered trademark.
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