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Location Camberwell, South London
Description We are Springfield Lodge, a Salvation Army Lifehouse, part of the Southwark Homelessness network. Our objective is to assist homeless people aged 16-21 years to achieve independent living in their own accommodation. We offer support in by working with the young person, supporting them to grow individually, rather than simply trying to find them a place to live. At the back of our building we have a large garden area which has become overgrown and residents, ex-residents, staff and the local community have come together to help clear this area and begin to prepare it for an allotment. We have a volunteer working on a small plot which will involve the residents growing their own vegetables to then cook and eat. The rest of the space is being prepared so that we can invite green-fingered people to hire out our space so they can grow their own vegetables. We want to see the garden used and enjoyed. The hire costs will then go towards helping us in our aim to support the young people to learn to live independently. The ground needs some preparation and we are welcoming people who are willing to help do this and then they can choose to hire it to grow their own crops. The garden is in a quiet area away from the main building through a secure gate. There is secure parking on site and the garden is next to a bungalow where there are tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge and toilet. The garden is north facing and gets a lot of sun and a soil test has shown the ground to be neutral. There is also a water supply with a hose and we are looking to build a composting area out of old pallets.
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