shepherds hut


Location bromley kent
Description Hello, looking for somewhere safe to park my small hut on wheels, 10ft x 6ft. a large garden accessible by road perhaps with nearby electric for hook up,,and water from exterior tap though not essential. I like to live alone, and have a small well behaved border terrier. I am an artist working in acrylics, and clay sculpture. Willing to pay rent, and or help out with whatever, ie, gardening, tree pruning, cleaning,, can put my hand to most things. I am currently in woking, but need to relocate to be nearer to lewisham in london so anywhere in or near that vicinity would be great, as i visit an ailing friend there who would appreciate more of my time. My hut is small as stated, and is on a towable trailer. I would love to hear from you should you have, or know someone who could accomodate me and Yogi, kind regards, ginette.
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