Small Plot Wanted for Tiny House


Location Berkshire / Surrey
Description Hello! We are James & Rebekah Greenhalgh and we are looking for a small plot of land to park our tiny house. Open to rent or buy, and willing to help out with gardening or odd jobs as part of the exchange! James is currently a mature student at Royal Holloway University and we are looking to move into a tiny house while he's there. Our only difficulty is coming across land affordable enough for us while he's studying, as Rebekah is a self-employed artist and writer, so our income is variable from month-to-month. Our tiny house would be on wheels, so requires little-to-no planning permission if parked in a garden space (as it is technically a non-permanent structure). Because of this, it is also extremely easy to move if and when need be. So if you have a spare bit of garden, or an odd patch of land we could make use of, it would mean a lot to us if you would consider us as your new neighbours. And of course if you have further questions please do not hesitate to fire them our way. Cheers! Rebekah & James Greenhalgh
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